Monday, April 19, 2010

Still playing with the HIT April embellishment package

I must say that being a stamping purist LOL! I am a bit out of my comfort zone using all of this beautiful stuff. It's been a challenge but also SO much fun! I am still amazed at how well all the paper goes together. All the prints, florals and geometrics match without a bit of effort. Then you add all the ribbons and hard bellies and it's magic! So Hearts in Touch once again has created a sure winner in my book. The image is from Hearts in Touch sheet # 129 I Love Silhouettes. The instructions for this card and many others by Penny Wessenauer can be found here.

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Shirley said...

What a cool card. Very pretty and I saved the site with the great card folds too. I have a lot of them saved but not in one place. That is great!