Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well my second trip was to the Land Down Under. A lovely country with very lovely people. I will write about the highlights only, or else this will go on forever. I have belonged to a stamping group called Boomerang for well over 5 years. I tell you this only to let you know about one of the very best things that happened while I was over there. The group is primarily made up of Aussies but there are a few Americans and Kiwis as well. So here we go....there was a luncheon given in my honor and I got to meet so many of my special friends. There was a lot of laughing, and crying (the tears were mostly mine). It was a dream come true. Some of the gals came from other states to attend. We traded ATC's, ate and had a splendid time. So splendid in fact that those of us that remained too long and were a bit too rowdy (you know who you are) were politely asked to leave (they were closing so it's not that we got thrown out really, LOL!) What memories were made that day!!!!Please enjoy the photos of this amazing event.One of the last photos you will see is a altered coaster. We decided to alter the coasters from the get together and have a swap. The one posted in the photos is mine. It now resides in the home of my dear and lovely friend Chris Bennett. I will post some of the others very soon! What a great idea this was as I have another memento of this fabulous time with my Boomerang friends!


CreativSpirit said...

Dear Jackie,

It was so great to finally meet you and it was a wonderful day with so many of your Boomerang friends. It was great also to spend so much time together and really get to know you in the week that followed......and I can assure you that the tears weren't all yours, especially at the airport.

Great blog, I'll be back to check out your latest goodies,

Love and hugs,


Chris in Oz said...

Somehow, I just knew the first comment would be from Rob!!! LOL!!! Ditto to everything she said plus we miss you so much. Your blog looks great and gives us another way to stay in touch. Luv & Hugz......

Jane said...

Hi Jackie,

Love your blog, thank you for sharing. You have made some lovely cards. I did meet you briefly at the luncheon, it was such a lovely day.


Jane Clark

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mom that is great, I'm so proud of you for setting up your blog! Now I know where Ian gets all his talent LOL! I'm so happy you had a great time in Alaska, it looks like you met some friends for life. I, however will be your best friend forever!! I love you Mom.

Your favorite daughter,