Thursday, January 15, 2015

One of my favorite techniques!

 This background technique comes out different every time. I enjoy the unexpected outcome because although different, I have yet to be disappointed in the results!
This card is a perfect example of unexpected, to my eye it looks rather mysterious. You may notice that only on a rare occasion due I really embellish or pretty my card . It's perfectly logical to me because I prefer to highlight the technique as much as possible. Look at the card and see if it seems rather mysterious to you.
Try to ignore the black surrounding the card. It is only used as contrast because a white card fades into the background of the blog post.
So are you saying "enough already, tell me the technique?"
Well here it is :
from the Dec/2014 Technique Junkie newsletter.
Stamps used: #SD292 Palm Frond
#SS2a Simple Sentiments

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Beth said...

Yes Jackie mysterious and gorgeous love your colors ...will have to check that technique out from my CD.