Thursday, May 16, 2013

Technique Junkie Fortune Cookie Technique
From the Shape It CD!

This is a really fun technique. Making the fortune cookies is so easy however I do have one helpful hint. Make the fortunes out of copy paper rather than card stock. It makes it much easier to bend the fortune cookies into shape. I used origami paper for the cookies.Also, make all different sizes, you won't be able to stop! All stamps used in this project are from Art Neko! I LOVE their Asian stamps!!!
You can pick up Chinese take out cartons just about anywhere. Don't hesitate to ask your local restaurant for a few.
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Jackie K


Shelly Schmidt said...

How fun is this great project!!! I love the idea of fortune cookies made from Washi Paper too : )

Beth Norman said...

Had to come to take a peak. For some strange reason I can't see half of what comes through the TJ group. I love what you did. Great job as always.