Friday, January 2, 2009

I've been published!

In the January 2009 issue of VSN. It is always an honor to be published but this time I am particularly pleased. I am a design team member for Hearts in Touch and both the card on the cover and center page were done with Frances' stamps. I love her stamps and this will I hope send some business her way. If you haven't checked out Hearts in Touch, you should. My card on the front is the one that says SOAR and the center card is the one with the gate.


Shirley said...

Congratulations, Jackie! I am not surprised in the least! Your art is lovely!!!

Debby said...

That's fantastic Jackie! Congratulations. Gorgeous cards!

Beth said...

Oh Jackie Congratulations but like Shirley said doesn't surprise me really enjoyed looking at both of your cards the kite was so festive looking with the colors you used and the second one was simply beautiful.

CreativSpirit said...

Congratulations Jackie, you deserve to be published, your cards are so beautiful.

Have a wonderful day,