Thursday, December 25, 2008


Where do I begin about artichokes? A family favorite that I usually make for Thanksgiving but made them for Christmas this year. I am so pleased that I didn't make them for Thanksgiving because my 14 Year old grandson JP LOVES them, and he wasn't with us for Thanksgiving. SO this was a complete surprise to me. I had no earthly idea that JP loved my stuffed artichokes so much until his step mother Anne sent me a paper he had written for school.Of course it made me weep. Funny how you never really know what an effect something you do has on another person. SO here is JP's paper:
Jonathan Pitts
My favorite food
My favorite food would have to be my Nan’s stuffing artichokes. They are the best and she makes them every Thanks Giving.
She makes it the best. She usually pulls it out of the oven when were about to eat. It smells like heaven. When you get it, it’s steaming and when u peel a pointy leaf of the artichoke stuffing comes off with it too and u just get a mouth full of warm stuffing and artichoke.
The artichokes are just like a transportation tool but they do add flavor. The stuffing melts in your mouth, but every year it gets better and better. Everyone says the same thing every time they eat it all at the same time because it’s the first thing every one eats. “Yumm” they all say.
This is my favorite food and I look forward to this holiday every year and it is all ways the best thing cooked and “you could die for it” as I say.

The first photo is of JP eating his artichoke. Isn't he sweet? Too cute for words but what else would a Nanny say about her grandson? The second photo is of my daughter Tracy, my youngest son Ian, his wife Anne and my son Shane in the background. The third photo is my daughter Tracy, my son Ian and his wife Anne. The fourth photo is my son Shane and my oldest grandson Ryan. The fifth photo is my son Jason, my DIL Anne, my grandson Ryan, and my son Shane. When the artichokes are served as THE appetizer, it is somewhat like a ritual. There isn't a sound to be heard except for the UMMS and YUMS that JP mentioned.I have to make about 20 artichokes for our family and it is not easy.It takes hours to prepare them all and many more hours to finally cook them. Every year under my breathe, I say a few nasty words and say to myself; "I wish I never started making these **** things!" But when I see the enjoyment on every one's faces it makes it all worthwhile.

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CreativSpirit said...

They sound wonderful Jackie, I must get the recipe from you. I am at my daughters place and just read your message to her, so we would both like to try them.