Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From the Artistic Effects CD

Hello everyone, I am back with two lovely techniques from the Technique Junkie Artistic Effects CD. There are 40 techniques on the CD using Gelatos, Goosebumps, Gesso, Distress Stains, and Resist  Sprays.you can purchase the CD here.

My first card uses the Gesso Frames Tutorial

This is a very simple technique with lovely results. It comes together in a flash and can be used as a last minute card for any occasion.
The stamp is Palm Frond from TJ #SD292
My second card uses the Gelatos Rub technique also from the Artistic Effects CD.
 I must say that I had a lot of fun with this technique. I like getting a bit messy I think. This card uses a panel stamp from TJ which I am unable to give you the details about.  (for some strange reason I get an error message when trying to open page 3) Go to Panel stamps and you will find it there.
The sentiment stamp that is peeking through the sheer ribbon is from TJ #SS2a Simple Sentiments Set2, Style a.
You can find all of the TJ stamps here

That's all for now. Until I am back again....don't forget to get your fingers inky!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Design Junkies: One Card, One Stamp and Four Bodacious Backgrounds...

Design Junkies: One Card, One Stamp and Four Bodacious Backgrounds...: Hi Everyone, Jackie K here with a really fun card. I won't beat around the bush or make you guess, LOL! Here is the card:
All stamps are Technique Junkies. To get more details on the stamps and techniques used go here.
Remember until next time get your fingers INKY!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's That Time Again

Both of these cards use the Paper Panel Spotlight technique from the Designer Paper Perfection CD.
which can be purchased
It is a good CD to help you use some of that designer paper you have been hoarding (if you are anything like me that is)
All stamps are from technique Junkies which can also be purchased at the above link.
Two simple fast cards appropriate for any occasion.
The Text on the second card was computer generated.
Thanks for stopping by. See you again real soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's All About Stencils!

Jackie K here once again, I have made 2 cards and both techniques are from the Sensational Stencils CD. These are only 2 of the 40 techniques on the CD. It was difficult to choose the two I would do for this post. It's a wonderfully creative CD, and if you enjoy working with stencils you should seriously consider getting it.
You can purchase it here and if you are a Technique Junkie you can get 10% off by using the code TJ10

Let's get to my cards. LOL!

 This card uses the Background Stenciling Technique. This is a fun, fast, easy and effective technique suitable for any occasion.

This card uses the Pastel Stick Stencil Technique. Your possibilities are endless with this technique, limited only by your imagination!
There is no blue in my card. My computer is acting up and I'm lucky I have gotten this posted at all.
All stamps are Technique Junkie stamps.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time stay creative!
Jackie K

Thursday, January 15, 2015

One of my favorite techniques!

 This background technique comes out different every time. I enjoy the unexpected outcome because although different, I have yet to be disappointed in the results!
This card is a perfect example of unexpected, to my eye it looks rather mysterious. You may notice that only on a rare occasion due I really embellish or pretty my card . It's perfectly logical to me because I prefer to highlight the technique as much as possible. Look at the card and see if it seems rather mysterious to you.
Try to ignore the black surrounding the card. It is only used as contrast because a white card fades into the background of the blog post.
So are you saying "enough already, tell me the technique?"
Well here it is :
from the Dec/2014 Technique Junkie newsletter.
Stamps used: #SD292 Palm Frond
#SS2a Simple Sentiments

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Technique Junkies Sensational Stencils Blog Hop

The Technique Junkie Newsletter Design Team is back with another fantastic Blog Hop for you. Introducing the newest CD:
Sensational Stencils!
This newest CD from Technique Junkies has 40 tutorials!! The tutorials are all so much fun I couldn't stop creating so I have many examples for you.
You can get to the CD page from here where you can order it and click on the link at the bottom to see a pictorial of the techniques! 
You should have arrived here from Jane's Blog and I am certain you have enjoyed her fabulous cards. The first two cards I am showcasing use the Layered Stencil technique.

Same technique, two completely different cards! The possibilities are endless! I could have done pages of this technique as it is fun and really highlights the stamps you use. All stamps on both cards are from Technique Junkies !!!
This card was made using the Masked Stencil Technique and once again all the stamps are from Technique Junkies stamp line. This card seems so joyful to me and the stenciled strip on the side adds just the right touch. I like this technique as it leaves you space for a message, design or anything else you may want to add to compliment your stenciled strip.
Lastly, this card uses the Distressed Removal technique. Let me tell you, this technique is so much fun! For the lighter daisies, I just left the water on a lot longer and rewet it a few times. I really love this card and once more all Technique Junkie stamps were used!
I hope you have enjoyed my card samples from the new Sensational Stencils CD. They were so much fun to create.
Your next stop is Shelly's Blog You don't want to miss her creations.
In case you lose your way while OOOHing and AAAHing over everyone's examples here is the complete list of design team participants in the order you should be looking at them:
Jackie Kalchert (you are here)
Have a great day and thank you for your visit and support of Technique Junkies!
Jackie K

Friday, September 26, 2014

Catching Up Part Two

Well it's been longer than I had hoped for this second installment of Catching Up to be published.
It has been a long very hot summer here in the Arizona desert, and it causes severe fatigue because of my MS. Enough of that. Let's get to the cards!!

 All three cards above use the TJ technique Corrugated Cut Window. It is from the August/September 2014 newsletter.
This card uses the TJ technique Diagonal Images. It is from the February/March 2014 newsletter.

The above two card use the Waxy Window technique from the August/September 2014 TJ newsletter.

These two cards use the Copic Color on Color technique from the August/September 2014 TJ newsletter.


This is the Faux Embroidered Flower technique from the June 2013 TJ newsletter. 
This card uses the Triple Embossing technique from the June 2013 TJ newsletter.
I think I must quit for now. I apologize for the abbreviated version of this Catch Up but I felt it more important to show you the cards than give all the verbiage.
Stay Stamping!